Get a new workout from a DIFFERENT Series every 2 weeks
$7/month for 11 months (21 workouts total)
$3 of each subscription sale is donated to trail restoration efforts and competitions in Colorado!

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  • The TrailFit Fitness Indoor OCR Experience

    TrailFit Fitness can design a customized OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) experience just for you! The TrailFit Fitness OCR Experience is a premium wellness experience that is effective, fun, and indoors! I will demonstrate and teach proper obstacle technique and safety while simultaneously creating an OCR experience that will leave you ready to conquer anything. Like literally go climb mountains! Don't have 30 people? I offer Group Trainings during open gym times as well!

    Group Training

  • Find a Competition and Be Prepared

    I have always felt exercise is more exciting and engaging when you are training for an event. Adventure Sports require specific training and that is why I offer multiple Workout Series to develop all around athleticism. Locate your next Obstacle Course Race, 5K, and other Adventure Sport races in Colorado! I list competetions that are going on all over the Pikes Peak Region and greater Colorado!

    Find a Race!

  • Be Ready for Anything-Become TrailFit

    Each Workout Series focuses on a different training mentality to help you understand the benefits of a year-round training cycle. I am a personal trainer officially certified in Ninja Warrior (UNAA) and Parkour (WFPF) and I love to mountain bike. The main goal is create a powerful and functional body that is capable of overcoming anything for years to come!

  • Upper Body

    These Workouts are designed to work muscle groups like your chest, shoulders, and increase upper body core strength. Main lifts include Bench-Press, Push-Press, pushup techniques, rows, and other great upper body exercises that will also use your legs!

    Upper-Body Workouts

  • Lower Body

    Lower Body means that it is Leg Day. Lifts like squat and deadlift are staple for this group but also incorporate dynamic movements like broad jumps and box jumps teaching you how to use your arms to generate lower-body power!

    Lower-Body Workouts

  • Total Body

    Total Body Workouts are a great to start or end your week of training. These workouts also dip into agility training and total-body explosivity so lifts like Hang-clean, power-clean, and muscle-ups (I'll help you get there) are used to develop that power!

    Total-Body Workouts

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TrailFit Fitness Sponsors and Promotes locally organized competitions and events in the Pikes Peak Region and strives to make all the trails in Colorado better than they were yesterday by fortifying the "Leave No Trace" mentality.

TrailFit Fitness is individually owned and operated by Jacob Hacker
-It is my passion to sponsor competitions and events in the Pikes Peak Region and ensure the experience is enjoyable for the athletes, volunteers, and the communities who make them happen. on IG
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