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Photo Credit: Ralph Giordano

Jacob Hacker is a local stage and film actor that has done all kinds of work! Here is a few links to some of his reels and commercials that have aired. 



Wire Nut Commercial-click here
Rocky Mt Auto Broker Commercial -click here (1)
Rocky Mt Auto Broker Commercial -click here (2)

Jacob Hacker's Film Reel-click here

Jacob Hacker's Stage Reel -click here

 Parkour and Ninja Warrior Skills -click here

Photo Credit: Ralph Giordano

lifestyle: Mt Biking

Music Video: Crown Magnetar- Nail Funeral (Principle Character)

Full Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gvqk1XWTVtM


Jacob Hacker

Independent Stage and Film Actor                                             B.S. Communications/Theatre

Member of S.E.T. & Equity Membership Program                     Pittsburg State University, KS

jnat.hacker@gmail.com            (785)204-1868                     

Height: 5’11       Waist: 31            Eyes: Brown      Hair: Brown       Vocal Range: Baritone-Bass


Commercial & Film (Year) Production/Company                     Character                           Director              

*Wire Nut Commercial ‘23NLA Media                                        Male Lead                          Dan Curtis
 Lemons ‘23                        UCCS Student Film                           Male Lead                          Dennis Molina

*Wire Nut Commercial ‘22 NLA Studios/Regional                      Husband #2                       Dan Curtis

*KKTV Commercial ‘22      Rocky Mt. Auto Brokers                   Male Lead                          Colby Ward

*KKTV Commercial ‘22      Rocky Mt. Auto Brokers                   Male Lead                          Colby Ward
Venus in Cancer ‘21           Independent Film (IMBD credit)      Brad’s Friend                     Christian O’Shaughnessy  

Pitt State Short Film ‘10     My Name is Kenny                           Kenny-Male Lead               Tim Spears

(Plays)Theatre Company                                                                                                     

S.E.T. ‘23                            Boys In The Band                              Larry                                   Tim Muldrew

S.E.T. ‘22                            Hand of God                                     Timothy                             Gavin White

*THEATREWORKS ‘17        The Hairy Ape                                   2nd Engineer/Ensemble           Scott Levy

*THEATREWORKS ‘16        Girl of the Golden West                   Deputy                              Murray Ross

Pitt State Theater ‘12         Dead Man Walking                          Matthew Poncelet              Kristy McGee

Steel City T.C.  ‘15              Perfect Wedding                              Tom                                   Andrea Garrett

Steel City T.C. ‘16               Christmas Carol Adaptation             Mr. Cratchit/Ensemble            Andrea Garrett

Pitt State Theater ‘14         Enemy of the People                        Peter Stockman                 Dr. Joey Pogue

Steel City T.C.  ‘14              Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes      Odysseus/Ensemble              Jason Laughery

Pitt State Theater ‘13         History of Laundry (Improv)             Ensemble                           Dr. Cynthia Allen

Pitt State Theater ‘13         True West                                         Saul                                    Gil Cooper

Pitt State Theater ‘12         The King’s Stag                                 King Deramo                      Megan Westhoff

Pitt State Theater ‘11         Madwoman of Chaillot                    The Baron                          Gil Cooper
Other Works & Gigs                                                                                                                                                          

*PBS (RM) Kids Fest ‘23     PBS                                                    Clifford The Big Red Dog        Various People
*Music Video ‘23               Crown Magnetar                              Featured Character              Crown Magnetar
*Iron Springs Chateau ‘22 Holiday Party at The Broadmor       Harold Zidler Character             Lori Adams-Miller

*Union Printers Home ‘21 Hired Actor for Tours                       1920’s Character               Ellie Hinkle

*Steel City Theater ‘14      Hired actor for Party                        Damon Runyon                 Andrea Garrett

* KLKC Parsons (KS) Radio Sports Radio Announcer                  Color Commentator              KLKC


*Rainy Day Parade ‘23       I Love You-Broadway Review           Ensemble                           Callie McCarthy

Steel City Theater ‘15        Chicago                                             Fred Casely                        Andrea Garrett

Pittsburg Community ‘12   Jesus Christ Superstar                      Ensemble/Musical              Jason Garret/Kay Lewis
Pitt State Theater ‘13         The Dinosaur Musical                      King Marcus/Ensemble             Gil Cooper

Pitt State APO ‘13              A Very Potter Musical                      Harry Potter                      Alpha Psi Omega

One-Act Plays                                                                                                                                                                   

Counter/Weight ‘22          A Collection of Things                      Logan (2 person play)      Ethan Everheart

CRAFT Prod. Resource ‘19 Motorcycle Ride                               Brad                                   Wendy Gray

CRAFT Prod. Resource ‘19 Soon After Sunrise                           Romeo (2 person play)      Robert Tiffany

CRAFT Prod. Resource ‘19 Crime Scene                                      Deputy                               Jeff Schmoyer

CRAFT Prod. Resource ‘17 Sanctuary, INC.                                 Sam                                    Matt Radcliffe